Thursday, September 30, 2010

She was born to be a mom, I think...

I have the most amazing sister-in-law and I don't think anyone can argue with that.

I've been knowing her as a wonderful daughter, sister, sister-in-law, awesome auntie and wife. Some might know her as a very loyal friend and a very caring and well qualified physician. But when we took our trip to come to see her and her family over the weekend, I realized that none of above roles can discribe her better than her role as a mom to the adorable 2 month old Lucia. What a lucky little girl....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is why Younguk has been losing the weight, by mowing the lawn with push mower by himself-
he has been absolutely refusing to get the rider mower because he gets to have "exercise" and lose weight.
It has been working so far because he lost almost 20 lbs
since we had closed on the house and moved, which he wanted. So, I cannot argue with that...

The Ahns from Michigan.... Always enjoy the time with them.

With Mom

Four of us (and the red balloon)

Our goofball... I definitely think that she has Younguk's personality... : )

Minzie's Favorite- Chocolate with sprinkles. If you bring one of those over,
you will be her BEST friend for the day... : )

Look at the concentration on picking out on little sprinkles

Minzie on First day of 4K

Seriously, why do I have so much stuff?

It has been almost 2 months since we had moved to our house and I am still unpacking! I seriously think that life will be so much easier for me if less things were invented AND we weren't living so close to Target!!! : )

My brother was out here couple of weeks ago and apparently he gave one dollar bill to Minzie to put it in her purse. Last Friday night, we told Minzie that when she wakes up next morning, we would be going to the Badgers game. She ran into her room as soon as we told her that and brought out the dollar that she has been protecting it for her dear life from her little sister. She said that she wanted to buy some pop corns when she goes to the game next day. She gave that to Younguk and walked back into her room. A few seconds later she comes out and says to me, "mom, but we CANNOT use this money at Target, OK?" Younguk almost fell on the floor laughing and I got a pretty good laugh out of it too. Yes, even my 4 year-old knows that my favorite place to go is Target.


Minzie started her 4K this year (this was her second week) and she is absolutely loving it.
When we had put her in the preschool program last year, she cried and cried and cried, which was very uncharacteristic of her- when things are explained to her, she accepts them as they are which I think it is one of many wonderful qualities that this little girl has. So we had decided to pull her out. Few months after that she started to talk about wanting to go to school. Most of all, she was so excited about packing her lunch box (cheese sandwich, carrots and ranch, everyday) to school. As the new school year rolled in, we decided to give another try and what a year makes a difference! Minah wasn't and still isn't too happy that she cannot go to school but Minzie has been assuring Minah every time when we drop her off that "one day, when you get older like me, you will be able to go to school too" : )

Better post some pictures since some might be interested in seeing the pictures of Minzie and Minah... : )

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting another year older...

I had a wonderful time with the friends who found the ways to let someone else (or hubby) take care of their kids so that we could celebrate me getting another year older.... I feel very fortunate and am very thankful to have such a wonderful group of friends and an awesome husband who took our girls out to BW3 to watch the draft so that I could have a nice time out with my friends... : )

When I came home, I found a gift that was very nicely wrapped in foil with a card signed by Minzie. She said to me that it was a surprise for my birthday. Then she whispered to me very very quietly that she (and Minah, too) got a Badgers shirts for me. But, it's a secret and that's why she was whispering to me...

Today, I was asked how I feel about turning 29... I feel Good about turning 29...hmmmm... for about 6 times now. I realize that I am exactly where I should be and I am very grateful for that. I am looking forward to another year with my fabulous husband and two adorable daughters....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our house!

Another new thing to learn...learn to take care of "pond"


Looking down to Diningroom which is connected to Livingroom on the left side
and Kitchen from "Library"

"Library" attached to MB

Patio looking down from MB porch

Mater Bedroom- Younguk thinks that I am going to use both of the walk in closets and he will only get a small part of it... : )

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2-on the left side of the wall as you walk in, there is a BIG picture of shark.
Minzie absolutely refused to go into this room when we took her to the house.

Bedroom #3 -this is the room for a teenager daughter of seller, can you tell? : )

Bedroom #4

Looking into Basement/family room from the stairway

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After a year and eight months and four (unsuccessful) offers....

WE FOUND THE HOUSE!!!! And the best part is, not only we found "the house" but our offer got accepted!

When we first moved to Madison, we weren't sure whether we would be in Madison area for a long term since there was a talk of Younguk's job might take us back to Chicago. As bad the housing market it has been, we didn't want to buy the house only to sell within a year or so. So, we decided to rent while we were "waiting". Anyway, as soon as it became pretty sure that we would stay in Madison area, we started to looking for "the house". We saw houses after houses after houses... and more houses. If we liked one thing about a house that we went to see, we ended up not liking three things. If we liked two things about a house, we ended up not liking five things... as time went by, we got pickier and the list of "what we really want in the house" got longer. Our poor agent, when he contacted us, he probably thought that it would be an easy job since we were ready to find and move to a house... after looking at about 50 houses (I am not making this up), and after 4 unsuccessful offers, we found THE house that we love, and we can picture ourselves growing older in it with our children. It is not the perfect house but we know that it is perfect for us. As soon as we looked around the house once, Younguk and I looked at each other and said "this is it!"
There are much to be done. Alot of paint jobs to be done. New carpet is needed. Some yard works need to be done (hahaha!). But we are very very very very excited because we once again have a place to call our house and cannot wait to make it to be our home. Will post the pictures soon...

Monday, September 7, 2009

How did Minzie's first day of school go?

Well... many people whom knew about Minzie starting her pre-school last week had asked me this question. She did exactly how I expected her to do. Cried most of the first day.

When I went to pick her up, I could tell that she had cried before I got there. So, I asked her... "Minzie why were you crying?". She said, "Because I was missing you mama..." I almost cried with her.